November 30, 2021
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Title Date
Kazakhstan Jubilee Medal for Dr. Bazrpash 2021/10/31
SAC Takes Timely Action to Prevent Illegal Transfer of State Lands in Southern Iran 2021/10/01
SAC Presents the Annual Audit Report 2020 to the Parliament 2021/10/01
SAC Nominated for ASOSAI Governing Board 2021 - 2024 2021/10/01
Relation Between SAC and the Public Increases by the New Communication System 2021/10/01
Dr. Mehrdad Bazrpash Greets Eid ul Adha 2021/07/20
Dr. Bazrpash Greets Muslim SAIs on the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr 2021/05/21
International Program on Audit of Extractive Industries 2021/04/15
Dr. Bazrpash Extends Greetings on the Arrival of Norouz 1400 2021/04/15
Dr. Mehrdad Bazrpash Offers Deep Condolences on the Indonesian Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 2021/01/31
The Supreme Audit Court Presents the Annual Budget Report to the Parliament One Month Prior to the Target Date 2021/01/30
Supreme Audit Court of I. R. Iran Participated the 8th International Training Program on Environmental Auditing of iCED 2020/12/02
14th Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on the Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering with Representatives from the Supreme Audit Court of Iran 2020/12/02
Dr. Bazrpash Congratulated the New Heads of SAIs of Italy and India 2020/10/10
Mr. Ali Kamyar Was Elected as the New Public Prosecutor of SAC 2020/08/01
Dr. Mehrdad Bazrpash Was Elected as the New Senior President of SAC 2020/08/01
SAIs' Condolence on Demise of SAC Deputy DG, Morteza Asadi 2020/05/03
President of SAC Appointed New Person in-Charge of Department of Public Relations and International Affairs 2020/05/03
The Annual Audit Report for the Fiscal Years 2018-2019 was Presented by Professor Dr. Adel Azar, President of Supreme Audit Court (SAC) of I. R. Iran to the Parliament 2020/04/22
Major events of SAC were reflected in the newest issue of ECOSAI Circular 2020/02/18
Inauguration of Educational Courses and Skills and Taking Oath of Office of New Recruits of SAC from 2017-2019 2019/12/08
A High Delegation from SAC Attended the 8th ECOSAI General Assembly in Turkey – Istanbul, 2019 2019/12/01
The President of Supreme Audit Court (SAC) of I.R. Iran Attended INCOSAI XXIII Moscow, Russia (23-28 September 2019) 2019/10/13
SAC Successfully Hosted the Second International Training Course on Performance Auditing 2019/08/03
Some major events of SAC over the past year were reflected in the newest issue of ECOSAI Circular, Autumn 2018 2019/07/23
Appointment of New Person in-Charge of Vice-Presidency for Legal, Parliamentary, Annual Reports and Provinces Affairs of SAC 2019/06/12
SAC Delegates Participated in the Workshop on Introduction to Ethics Audit - Turkey 2019/06/10
SAC Delegate Participated in the BAI Seminar on IT Audit – South Korea 2019/06/10
SAC Delegate Participated in the 4th Meeting of INTOSAI WGEI - Philippines 2019/06/10
President of SAC Participated in Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan 2019/05/19
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